Getting married next year?

bolton wedding photographer Cat Powell at CT Images

After 20 years of photographing weddings throughout the UK and abroad we have gained invaluable experience that helps us do our job well. In addition to this, being brides ourselves gave us the insight from our clients perspective that has really helped us see whats important. Below are a few thoughts that have become a priority to us when we photograph your wedding day.

We take pictures close up and from a distance 

It seems obvious, but this is so important to have a variety of pictures that record the details but also the landscape of your day. Especially photos that show your dress off to its fullest! Personally, we prefer the pictures of us where we are far away in the picture! ūüėČ

We take time to get nice family pictures

Its sometimes a little tricky to organise all your guests for group pictures, but over the years this has become a precious memory that deserves to take priority. We do everything we can to capture family and friends in lovely formal and candid photos you will treasure.

We keep lists

We will do everything we can to record your special day in the fullest way possible. We ask you what is important to you, writing everything down and ticking it off on the day. Our experience has shown that even after the most detailed planning, on the day your attention is focused on the moment (as it should be). And we will constantly refer to our plan and remember those details giving you complete reassurance.