Our Style

Living in the moment

“All the photographs in the world, when summed together couldn’t possibly amount to a moment… So every human being is faced with the same dilemma: the photograph, or the moment?   (Anonymous)

… and this is why we love what we do, because we want you to live in the moment.

Peace of Mind

After 14 years of wedding photography we have been able to pinpoint why we love them so much. It’s the combination of photographing joy and beauty and getting to know and support a couple as they go through their unique wedding experience.

Our wedding photography style

Our Lifestyle approach means photographing your day as naturally as possible, but planning ahead with the best angles and backdrops. If our style and price suits your vision please get in touch for a chat. All research and details have been sorted in the planning stages with groups lists, location visits, practice sessions, time plans and notes on what is most important to you. Number one on our list is trust and with a wide experience of all kinds of weddings both in the UK and abroad we know how to handle good and bad weather, have back up camera equipment and professional indemnity insurance. We work fast and in a non-disruptive way. After the wedding day we take care to back-up your images, upload a lovely blog & gallery online and produce professionally and consistently edited images.

As well as the practical aspects, we feel it’s really important to get to know you as a couple and understand the uniqueness of your wedding day so we can anticipate the emotion and reflect your personalities in the pictures. We are calm, friendly and flexible if plans change. Please read our clients reviews & testimonials here. When we take on a wedding we commit our skills and care and hope we can be a positive support as you plan yours with peace of mind. The fulfillment we get from doing this compares to nothing else. xx