My Love Affair with Pinterest!

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I love Pinterest, for a photographer it’s like heaven! My brain works in images, I like to read but I LOVE to look at images so it’s like reading an Austen, Dickens or any other great novel for me!

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Be inspired

And the topics, well they’re endless; there’s everything you can think of from a birthday party for your 90 yr old Grandma to the theory of relativity! You can find photographs, drawings, diagrams and quotes. It’s brilliant then, for inspiring you in the things that interest you.
So the beauty is you can pick your specific topic that you want to see pictures of and pin them on a board, so you can go back to them whenever you like. You can also share these images with friends, so perfect for me to see my Bride’s favourite wedding images, before I photograph her BIG DAY!

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 13.25.53And even better, she can make that board private from everyone else, ensuring no-one she knows picks the same bouquet or shoes for their wedding. HaHa Genius! It must have been created by a women!

Image over-load!

The only problem for me and this is the same for everyone, is differentiating between my Bride’s dream images on her board and the ones that will actually happen. For example, she may pin a beautiful image of a Bride and Groom, looking out over a lake at sunset but the best expanse of water their venue has to offer, is the rickety old water feature at the end of the lawn!! Tricky to recreate that perfect lake sunset shot there!

I call this over-stimulation and would unfortunately have to say this is one of Pinterest’s downfalls. DSC_1255aOnce it knows your favourite topics it will suggest images you might like and at first you’ll think yeah, nice picture, maybe slightly out of my league but let’s think out of the box here! Thanks for thinking of that image for me Pinterest but then the suggestions become more and more lavish lulling you into a false sense of what you could achieve, showing you your wildest dreams, encouraging you to think that it knows you better than your closest friends, they’re just jealous why can’t I have half a dozen doves, fly out of a 7ft wedding cake, whilst a 60 piece orchestra accompanies me and my Groom in our waltz across our harlequin dance floor! Ah… suddenly you realise you may have got a little carried away and perhaps there is a chance you could afford a couple of tiers on the wedding cake and maybe a string quartet!

59f067e8ec9893acb71209225594394dReality Check

But take heart my fellow Pinterest fans, you’re not alone, we all need that little reality check every now and then, as Pinterest entices us with her endless, intoxicating images.
So the way I deal with this is to have one really good friend, with impeccable taste and be accountable to her. Then, when I start to get drunk on Pinterest’s beauty and think I have the bank balance of Kim Kardashian, the body of Scarlet Johansson and that my house resembles a mansion in the country, I simple invite my friend to my boards and she kindly brings be back down to earth.
Go on, give it a try 😉