bolton-wedding-photography-vintage-weddings-photographer_0011.jpgTerry and I got together when I was fifteen and he was seventeen – fourteen years ago now.

We married in 2003 on a very low budget: I made my dress, our wedding photos were taken on 35mm film, our wedding video was filmed on Terry’s camcorder and the reception was a buffet in a church hall. We look so young on our wedding pictures that they seem really outdated – even Photoshop can’t fix that!

I’d never really thought about having some pictures taken of us today, as couple shots often seem cheesy outside of the wedding scenario, but when our friends Cat and Suzanne at CTImages agreed to take some pictures that were more up-to-date, we were delighted. We’d seen their work and knew that they would be able to capture something extraordinary.

After so many years together, it’s easy to get caught up in the struggles of everyday life and the ups and downs that come with any relationship. The photo shoot offered an opportunity to show how important we are to each other.

I felt so special, something you expect on your wedding day, but as we’d had our ‘big’ day, I didn’t think I’d feel like that again. It was lovely to be dressed up, particularly as I’d made the dress from an old gown and Terry looked so handsome in his suit. We might be older, but having the pictures taken, I felt younger, more relaxed, more in love and more loved than I have in years.

Cat and Suz made us feel really natural in front of the camera, with clear instructions on how to stand and we trusted their directions. I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the experience.

At the time of writing, we haven’t seen the photos, but the experience of having them taken is one of those rare events that will stay in my memory forever. It was a special experience and we really can’t thank Cat and Suz enough.

bolton-wedding-photography-vintage-weddings-photographer_0001.jpg bolton-wedding-photography-vintage-weddings-photographer_0002.jpg bolton-wedding-photography-vintage-weddings-photographer_0003 bolton-wedding-photography-vintage-weddings-photographer_0004 bolton-wedding-photography-vintage-weddings-photographer_0005 bolton-wedding-photography-vintage-weddings-photographer_0006 bolton-wedding-photography-vintage-weddings-photographer_0008.jpg bolton-wedding-photography-vintage-weddings-photographer_0009.jpg bolton-wedding-photography-vintage-weddings-photographer_0010.jpg bolton wedding photography vintage weddings photographer_0012.jpg


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