Ten years of wedding photography by CT Images Bolton

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manchester-wedding-photographyWe love Weddings! We love the detail, the planning, the themes and the chaos it brings! We love being trusted to capture the story that will be told to people in years to come and we know how important this is. I got married in May 2010 and saw the whole wedding experience from a totally different viewpoint. Amidst all the elaborate and crazy themes I had planned, the photographs that I value the most are the ones of my family and friends; the silly ones where people have been captured unaware. For me it was finding the right balance between the traditional and the contemporary. Every Bride and Groom are different and we treat each wedding as a completely unique experience and will not only capture beautiful memories but help the day flow exactly as you planned it.

We have been priviledged to photograph some incredible weddings around the country and loved the grandeur of St Pauls Cathedral just as much as the beautiful Deane Parish Church, right on our doorstep in Bolton.

Ten years of wedding photography in bolton, UK and around the world!

Suzanne and I have spent the last ten years photographing weddings around the UK and abroad. Our international work took us to places like Sorrento, Capetown and Vienna but all our shoots both home and away have given us great insight into what makes an amazing Wedding. We’re now focused on working specifically in the North-West, where we have some incredible venues. When we first meet out Bride and Grooms our main concern is how the photographs can reflect the style of their Wedding.  Our aim is to take pictures that become absolutely priceless, as the years go by, and evoke the same feeling you had on your Wedding Day. Finding a photographer can be quite daunting so we’ve just put a few things down that we  incorporate into our packages and what Suzanne and I consider to be really important.

Your Consultation

We like to meet up with you at least twice before your Wedding Day. On your second visit we work out timings and plan the locations for the photography. Everything is written down so no detail is missed. It’s really helpful if you tear out photographs from Bridal magazines that you like so we can put together a photo storyboard of your own style.

Your Practise Session

We encourage you to take advantage of our free practise photo shoot where we can show you some poses that work on camera. It’s finding the balance between being aware of the camera but not being too ‘posed’. This will increase your confidence on the day and has proven to be really helpful in our Weddings last year.

Knowing your Bridal Party

I know it sounds simple but our style is to blend in, not raise our voices too much and liase as much as possible with your ushers and bridesmaids in organising group photographs. Treating your family and guests with respect and politeness is paramount.

Keeping to your schedule

It’s very important to us to do everything we can to be on time and have everyone sat down to the Wedding Breakfast whilst the food is piping hot !!bolton-wedding-photography-natural