This was a fabulous day with my friend Katy. I got to know Katy a few years after her wedding so it was great to see her in her dress with her gorgeous dog Denby!


We got the idea from the concept of  Trash the dress, Cherish the dress or Rock the Frock, whatever you want to call it we think any opportunity to wear your wedding dress again is a great idea!


These fashion style shoots are very popular in America and Australia and are beginning to filter through in the UK. For us it’s not about spoiling your wedding dress in the pursuit of some crazy activity like paint balling! (Although Suz would probably love this idea!)

For us it’s your chance to feel incredible again in your dream dress and create some fantastic photographs in surroundings that you wouldn’t have the time for, or the good weather, on your wedding day.

We simply took Katie and Denby for a walk in the park but the shoot allowed us to use our knowledge of fashion photography to create beautiful images that look like they’re straight out of a magazine. 

So many of our brides say after their wedding that they wish they had more time for photographs or they wish they hadn’t been so concerned about keeping clean and been more adventurous with their dress. Well now you have a second chance!

If you’d like to dress up one more time, then give us a call, shoots are £120 and include all the photographs on a CD.

Thanks to all who helped us on this really fun shoot: Katy and Andy, Terry and Ian, and of course the gorgeous Denby!

Here are the final photographs…

manchester wedding photography


3 thoughts on “bury wedding photography : Katy+Denby

  1. Wow! How proud are we – such a beautiful daughter-in-law and a gorgeous Denby! Well done CT Images – you are amazing photographers.

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