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cheshire wedding photography belle epoque knutsford.jpgThis was our first visit to the stunning Belle Epoque Brasserie in Knutsford for Nathan and Cora’s Cheshire Wedding Day. For two Saturdays in a row our brides have been blessed with beautiful sunlight to celebrate their wedding days. What really helped me at this Knutsford wedding venue was that the gardens linked on to the rear wall which was painted totally white. As the late afternoon sun hit the wall it acted like a huge reflector lighting everyone’s faces for the family groups. This was perfect for my photography.

Every part of the venue looked like a backdrop from a French Film and I was anxious about my photography doing it justice. Fortunately the Bride and Groom were happy to pose against the luxurious decor and I’m loving the results! Thanks to all at the Knutsford Belle Epoque for a lovely day and to Nathan and Cora who let me ‘play’ in what was a photographer’s dream venue!

We provide Wedding Photography for Weddings in Knutsford at The Belle Epoque.

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