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cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0019.jpgIt was such a pleasure to do Alan and Jenny’s wedding photography last weekend, as these guys have been madly in love with each other for as long as I’ve known them. And it was clear to see through the whole day!

The ceremony was held in the church Jenny attends, Sheffield Church of the Nazarene in Heeley Green so was really personal to the two of them and had a lovely feeling of the couple being at home there. We then hot footed it in the gorgeous sunshine to Derbyshire and the beautiful venue of The Maynard, with a slight detour to take in a few photos of our radiant couple on the moors.

Alan and the grooms men looked fantastic in their kilts and Jenny looked absolutely stunning in the dress she’d always dreamed of. It was a really great day with lots of little extra special touches that made it stand out as a fabulous celebration of the love of two very fine people.


cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0001.jpg cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0002.jpg cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0003.jpg cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0004.jpg cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0005 cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0006 cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0007 cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0008 cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0009 cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0010 cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0011 cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0012.jpg cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0013.jpg cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0014.jpg cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0015.jpg cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0016.jpg cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0017.jpg cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0018.jpg cheshire-wedding-photography-weddings-photographer_0019.jpg

10 Replies to “MOORLAND WEDDING Alan+Jenny”

  1. Cat and Suzanne – your photos are stunning and capture the joy and beauty of the day.
    Thank you so much. Nina

  2. Your photos are really excellent. You both work together well to combine professionalism, empathy and fun.

    My favourite is the one on the moors with the Bride and Groom’s back to us. (just kidding)

    Every success for a prosperous future.

    Hugh & Catherine (now Jenny’s Uncle and Aunt as well)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous anyone can see they are in love and you have captured that so beautifully in your pics. A fantastic day had by all,never to be forgotten. Thank you both for all your patience

  4. CIao Jenny, ti ricordi di me?Sono Marilena dall’Italia… Tantissimi auguri per il vostro matrimonio…siete bellissimi!!!! spero di rivedervi presto!!!kiss

  5. WOW stunning photography. Definitley captured the beauty of the day and the love between Jenny and Alan shows so much in their pictures. What a fantastic job to have and you both do it so well 😀

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