Dog Cake Smash with Dog Friendly Cake

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So you may want to sit down for this, I mean it could come as somewhat of a shock, but I feel it’s time to be honest with you, I can’t hide it any longer…I love dogs more than children!!!!

I know, controversial right? From the girl (shut up, I’m sticking with girl) who specialises in children’s photography; pays each year for the privilege of working on kids camp, flew all the way to the Philippines and Romania to spend time on children’s projects, has a background of youth work, not to mention being a doting Godmother to an adorable 3 year old and crazy Auntie Suz to 2 amazing nieces!

Yet despite all that I’ve got to admit I think I’m more partial to a pooch! I love them; from a yappy Yorkie to a Great Dane, I can’t resist a warm fuzzy face and wagging tail. I can’t even pass a dog without crouching down, adopting a ridiculously high pitched voice and rubbing my face into its furry neck! Which is why, when my friend suggested I do a cake smash for her canine baby, I jumped at the chance. Of course, what doggy wouldn’t love to devour a cake whilst creating some incredibly cute and hilarious photographs for its besotted parent!

So my friend the talented, gourmet dog chef Lisa Harrop from Purring Woofs, created a wonderful cake made of the usual: eggs, flour and erm liver!! Everything a dog loves and basically, nothing it shouldn’t eat. And well, see for yourselves the darling results of gorgeous Lola and ridiculously cute Rudy on their dog cake smashes. Perfect for celebrating your dogs birthday whatever their age.

I still, don’t worry, love capturing a baby cake smash but the beauty of a dog cake smash is there’s no limit on age. You see, despite endless requests, I’ve always felt a cake smash tends to be a little inappropriate for the older human, but for a dog I’d be ecstatic to photograph them at 66, wearing nothing more than a tutu and cake all over their beard! (I’m talking in dog years, of course)

So please, dearest friends, spread the word; call your family, text your neighbours, Facebook your colleagues and let them know I’d love nothing more than to provide their pooch with an unforgettable doggy cake smash experience. love Suz x



To book a Dog Cake Smash call Suz on 07921778901

For homemade pet treats contact Lisa at purring