First birthday Cake Smash for dairy free babies

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I love capturing Cake Smash shoots, watching as the little one looks first at their parent, then to me, questioning with their eyes “Can I really stick my fingers in that cake?”

And then, how funny their expression is as their eyes almost pop out of their sockets when they lick their fingers and taste how sweet the icing is!
Nearly all my Cake Smash Photography starts like this and then they can take different routes; some little smashers really go for it with cake flying all over the place, some adorable angels want to share with their Mummy and Daddy, offering chunks of cake in sticky fingers and other babies prefer not to be disturbed as they sit smothered in icing and attempt to eat their own body weight in cake.
I would hate therefore, to think that this experience was not available to every toddler and with more and more babies developing allergies to dairy, eggs and milk this was a distinct possibility.
Thank goodness for Sara Wilson, the amazing creator of all the beautiful cakes used in my Cake Smash Photo Shoots. Not only does she have the ability to make dairy and egg free cakes but she also makes them taste delicious!!
One of my Mum’s couldn’t believe how good the cake tasted, for her little darling, who had struggled to tempt her daughter to eat dairy free before. Not surprising I guess, since I can think of a few munchkins who have been caught with their fingers in the butter dish, kids love it! Finding a yummy equivalent for the buttercream icing can’t be easy but she’s done it.
I won’t give away her secrets but I just wanted to let you all know that we can cater for children’s food allergies, making Cake Smash Photography available to all, Hoorah! Sorry that’s all Preschoolers, you wouldn’t believe how many requests I get from grown ups, haha! They’re just kidding, right?