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haigh hall wedding photography

Haigh hall Wedding Photography by CT Images

Sam and Mark’s black and white themed wedding was filled with so many exciting little details, we don’t know where to start! The ceremony and reception was held at Haigh Hall, Wigan a venue where we love to photograph in the woods behind the hall. We captured some beautiful couple photography of Sam and Mark with the lovely sunlight bursting through the trees which beautifully showed off Sam’s stunning Pronovias lace wedding dress from Bliss, Bolton. We then headed back into the hall to see the biggest wedding cake we’d ever photographed by Em and Shell’s Cake Delight, Sam really loves cake!! Sam and Mark also created an amazing Willy Wonka style room at Haigh Hall, with enormous lollipops, cupcakes and all sorts of goodies for Morgan their daughter and all their nieces and nephews. We really had to drag ourselves away from this room when we’d finished all the photography at Haigh Hall as we could have stayed their all night, a sweet-tooth’s dream! So much thought went into this special day.. it was incredible!

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