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This was a lovely fun family photos session, but something about these two little guys struck me. Not only do they look incredibly cute in their matching outfits (as an aside, if you don’t want to go with matching outfits for your kids photos, I would still recommend putting them in the same colour.) but they were incredibly loving towards each other and their interactions were very sweet.  The boys shared jokes together, played, danced together, tickled each other when I really wanted them to laugh and I thought how precious it is to have these moments captured as you don’t ever get the opportunity to spend as much time with your siblings and share such a close bond as you do when you’re young. Once you grow up you could be in different schools, go to universities at opposite ends of the country or move away for work, love or just looking for adventure. I’m very close to my siblings but its not the same as when we lived together, played together and shared each others jokes and secrets, even if it was from listening through the wall!!

We have professional family photos of me and my siblings when I was little but they’re full of fake smiles, people weren’t after natural fun family photos back then. I have to make do with snap shots that were taken by my parents rather than the professional ones which were very much a quick, sit up straight, smile at the camera and don’t fidget type photography session back then. I’m so pleased that our customers are happy to be a little more patient and spend the time letting the kids relax, have fun and allowing me to capture the moments that really show that brotherly love! Thank you to this gorgeous family for reminding me what it was like growing up with my siblings. (Just in case my family are reading this I’ve conveniently forgotten any of the squabbling, fighting and arguments we had as kids haha)

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