Wedding Photography / A trip to the Lakes at Windermere

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 I have a love-hate relationship with the British Weather…

I love it when it’s been raining and all the landscapes have a more intense colour and the sky is stormy. I love the humble cloud that acts like massive soft boxes in the sky. I love windy days in the autumn were the leaves pile up on the pavements under a bright blue sky and everything goes golden for a moment.

The drizzle and randomness of it all I do not like!   Having to prepare for every possible weather condition… always having to create a Plan B.

I envy photographers based in exotic places who shoot weddings against stunning sunsets and the beautiful light they get the play with, and can in general, expect .

However one day this summer just as we waited for our wedding photography shoot to begin, we sat on a jetty at Windermere in the lake district and I recall thinking … life actually wasn’t that bad.