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We were anticipating big things at the vintage themed Lancashire wedding photography of Laura and Ben but it far exceeded our expectations! Laura looked absolutely stunning in a Suzanne Neville dress with lace detail and the bridesmaids were gorgeous in their floor length blue dresses. Ben and ushers scrubbed up nicely in their navy suits and did a fab job along with the rest of the wedding team in making all the plans run smoothly. Even with a packed Bolton Parish Church the wedding ceremony felt very intimate with beautiful singing from Natalie and the younger bridesmaids. The service began with the incredible voice of Suzie Islip singing ‘The Power of Love’ which set the amazing and very emotional atmosphere in the huge church built in the 1800’s. We then took Ben and Laura to Rivington, Horwich where we captured some romantic photography of our lovely couple before heading to St Catherine’s Academy in Bolton for the reception. The Theatre looked fantastic and all the little vintage details from Grandma’s lace to the well worn trilbies added a brilliant touch of whimsy that we loved! Grab a brew, sit back and enjoy looking through Laura and Ben’s magical day… we are thrilled to bits that we were able to capture the wedding photography on this long awaited day for you Laura!          Cat & Suz   xx

Lancashire Wedding Photography by CT Images


lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0001.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0002.jpg


lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0003.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0004.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0005.jpg
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lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0014.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0015.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0016.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0017.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0018.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0019.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0020.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0021.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0022.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0023.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0024.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0025.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0026.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0027.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0028.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0029.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0030.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0031.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0032.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0033.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0034.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0035.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0036.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0037.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0038.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0039 lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0040 lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0041.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0042.jpg lancashire-wedding-photographer-bolton-wedding-photography_0043.jpg

Lancashire Wedding photographer 

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  1. Cat and Suz, what perfect, professional photographers to have. Great friends, who have been a part of my journey. More than this I have dreamt of having a fairy tale wedding for what feels like forever. You have captured special, intimate and exquisite moments I know only your creativity and attention to detail could fulfil. So relaxed on the day, having photographers who you can trust to re tell the story of our perfect day like you guys have is something that can only be retold through the lense of photographers who can recreate the exact image a bride has held in her head since the moment they started planning their wedding.
    I cannot wait to have our shoot sitting with you to look through all the beautiful moments of our day.
    Much love and thanks
    Laura and Ben xxx

    1. What stunning pictures of a lovely couple. I love the vibrancy that comes from these far, far more wonderful to view than the traditional stuffy poses of my own wedding and many others! Laura you chose so well and thank you for sharing these wonderfully images. Hope you use the same photographers in the future. x

  2. These photos are simply amazing! A perfect mix of quirky, fun and classically beautiful. The bride could not have looked more stunning & the groom could not have looked more happy with his prize and it could not have been captured more perfectly. You guys have such an ability for capturing the feel of a moment not just a still image. X

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