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This is the first time I’d met Susanna properly but Suz has known her ages. We didn’t however know the incredible story that brought her together with Jez, so we asked if we could share it with you. Its a story about Facebook, a book, a brave email and hope…


In December Susanna had finished a night shift and was relaxing looking at Facebook. It suggested she should be friends with a guy called Jez Smith because she had some mutual friends. His profile picture was him with a melon as a smile and when she clicked to see who were their mutual friends were they were all people from the Nazerene College in Manchester. She then clicked through to his page and all she could see was an advert for his book ‘Faith through the storm’ about a period in his life when he was stuck down with Guillain Barré syndrome. 







Since she loved reading especially about how God has helped people through illness and adversity, she decided to download the book on amazon and over the next couple of days read Jez’s book and got emersed in his journey.manchester-wedding-photographer-hyde-pre-wedding-engagement-photography_0008.jpg





The story touched Susanna so much since it struck a cord with events in her own life of chronic illness. She had ME for 6 years and had also gone through a break up of a relationship. So Susanna decided to message Jez to say how much she liked the book and how there were similarities in their stories. manchester-wedding-photographer-hyde-pre-wedding-engagement-photography_0013.jpg



That’s when it all started. They messaged each other a while then decided to meet for a coffee. After that they chatted more on the phone then two days later they met in a play centre for a drink whilst Jez’s children played. The rest is history and their relationship has gone from strength to strength. In march they took a trip to Leeds ( where she went to Uni) for a weekend and Jez proposed. Congratulations guys and looking forward to your beautiful wedding. xx

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