manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0010When our lovely friend Fleur confirmed her wedding photography we immediately cleared our calendar and booked our stay in Llandudno! And we’re so glad we did, we absolutely loved capturing Fleur and Daniel’s special day. We used to shoot model tests and acting headshots with Fleur when she lived in Manchester and it was great to catch up after so many years.

The attention to detail was fantastic with inspiration drawn from the greats; Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and a pinch of Marilyn Monroe. (We expected nothing less from our fabulous actor and model friend!)

Yet the day was incredibly relaxed with a stroll from the intimate ceremony along the promenade to the very grand Osbourne House with it’s romantic Victorian interior for high tea, whilst we collected Hugo the dog with our stunning couple and enjoyed a walk on the beach.

All the photography needed to be very informal and natural, we just went with the flow, but just before we finished we wanted to encapsulate the lovely sense of humour that Fleur and Daniel share so we nipped down the Pier for some tomfoolery before heading back to Osbourne House for an enchanting evening. I don’t think we’ve ever laughed as much on a job!

What a beautiful and crazy day!

Manchester Wedding Photography / Fleur and Dan marry at the coast

manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0001.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0002.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0003.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0004.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0005.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0006.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0007.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0008.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0009.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0010.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0011.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0012.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0013.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0014.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0015.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0016.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0017.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0018.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0019.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0020.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0021.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0022.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0023.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0024.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0025.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0026.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0027.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0028.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0029.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0030.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0031.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0032.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0033.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0034.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0035.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0036.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0037.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0038.jpg manchester-photographer-wedding-photography_0039.jpg

13 thoughts on “Relaxed Wedding on the Coast | Fleur+Daniel

  1. Breathtakingly beautiful – CatSuz once again you have excelled. How could anybody not choose you as their photographers. You capture the whole essence of a special occasion as we have witnessed on several occasions. These our amazing photos and reflect two joy-filled people (and their dog). Mind you dog not as lovely as our Denby!!!! Congrats!!

  2. WOW! Thank you both for such beautiful memories of our day, these will be with Fleur and I forever. Captivating.

  3. I’ve been slightly taken aback by just how good these photos are. I am truely impressed! And you were both so casual and comfortable to have around as photographers at the wedding- and then you produce this! Stunning shots, beautifully thought out, elegant, tasteful and the personalities of your subject ooze out of each shot..I love them. Thank you, from one of the happy guests.

  4. These pictures are amazing. Better than I ever thought possible. You have captured the day perfectly. You are seriously talented!! Thanks for your hard work and dedication on the day, you were fantastic. Gemma (bridesmaid)

  5. Wonderful Pics, Beautiful Bride, Good Looking Fella and a tremendous projection of fun, love and laughter captured xxxxx

  6. The day was such a pleasure to photograph and now with all your lovely comments we are beaming from ear to ear! Thank you xx

  7. fleur..just seen your pics and im blown away.done wedding flowers for years but never seen pics so beautiful,they really do belong in a wedding happy for you both.all my love julia x x x

  8. Thrilled to announce the latest issue of Hello Magazine (with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the front cover attending an Olympics gala) have featured an image from these shots on page 118. All credit to Cat and Suz!! xx

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