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Phil and I went to school together. I still remember trying to convince him (and his band) to pose for photos near the railway track near Canon Slade’s playing fields, when I was practising taking pictures with my dad’s Nikon camera.

I was so flattered that him and Ro contacted me years later to photograph their wedding (and both their sisters beautiful weddings too). Its been an absolute pleasure to get to know you both, little Freddie and your lovely family. Happy Anniversary! xx

So here are some of my favourites of the bride and groom taken at stunning art deco Midland Hotel in Morecambe on a crisp winters day, (blue skies and cold noses!)

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midland-hotel morecambe-weddings-photos.jpg
 How beautiful is this wedding venue? I wish I could get married again and have it here! xx

 I love this shot. The flash didn’t go off but I know they are laughing their heads off at something.2014-01-22_0009.jpg


Midland Hotel wedding photographer / Morecambe weddings


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