I‘ve realised my family frown a lot… or maybe it was just the sun in our faces. Either way this photo was long overdue and I was determined we were going to get it done.

Everything was planned: outfits, location and even the weather was perfect. We were at my favourite spot near Curly’s in Horwich and I wanted the sun to be reflecting on the leaves and the water, beautiful!

However as with most families I was brought back down to earth with comments such as ‘remind me why we are doing this?’ and ‘I’m running late, start without me’ as well as ‘we’ve got loads of photos, we don’t need another’. My friend Ian was the poor guy I asked to do the photos. He had the challenge to work around not just bossy me, but my ‘creative industry’ parents who thought they knew better how to direct the shoot!

Anyway we finally got ‘the shot’ just before baby Annabelle got bored and I love it! I never realised the importance of family photos as much as now. 18 Months ago my Dad got ill and now even though he’s better my opinion has changed forever. Capturing a moment of family just being ‘together’ in our busy lives, whether it be a professional photograph or just a snapshot is an image to keep on our walls and a memory to treasure in our minds.


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  1. just logged on again, sorting out some admin and nipped on your blog = the photos of your family at Curlys are lovely!!

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