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Mark and Joanne have planned an amazing wedding on a yacht in Cyprus but before they left we squeezed in a little wedding photography practise session!It’s so important when booking your dream wedding abroad that the photography is good so you can show everyone at home and have beautiful  lasting reminders of the trip. This is why it’s such a great idea to have a practise session, Mark and Joanne arrived feeling a little nervous and left with big smiles on their faces.  We gave them some tips on posing and helped them to feel comfortable in front of the camera and then they tried out their new techniques on a mini shoot.  We then made a contact sheet of all the photographs and made a list of the kind of wedding photography they would like and advised them how to get this across to the photographer in Cyprus.
The photographs look stunning and Mark and Joanne headed off to Cyprus equipped to make sure their wedding day is captured just they want photographers in cheshire


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