Most pregnancy shoots or maternity photos are taken in the photography studio and since Demi Moore set the trend,are of the Mum wearing not much or draped in a sheet with some arty lighting. We know this because we’ve taken them!! However, this time we wanted to do something different and a little more fun so we popped over to Horwich to Katy’s house and found it can be so much more special and comfortable to take photographs at the customers home.

Check out this little set of images (taken the day before baby Hugo was born) …

11 thoughts on “Pregnancy & Newborn Photos: Katy,Andy+Hugo

  1. Oh Oh Oh Oh – sheer tears of joy at the beauty of these photos. Thank you yet again Cat and Suz (CT Images) for these photographs of this special threesome and thank you Andrew and Katy for our beautiful grandson.
    Kev and Pauline

  2. Wow! What incredible photos – we can’t stop looking at them. What a wonderful way to capture such precious memories.
    From a very proud Nanna and Auntie Lucie (and cousin April!!) x x x

  3. Absolutely beautiful pictures, a very good looking family. Much love from over the pond, love Shell, Andy & Lucy x

  4. These pictures are so beautiful. Can’t wait to meet your son and his cousin April.

    Lots of love
    Gina x x

  5. Auntie Tracey is blubbering again. Hugo is beautiful and these pictures capture it brilliantly. Absolutely stunning. Katy how can you possibly look so amazing the day you went into labour?!

  6. This is a first for me, never tweeted or facebooked in my life!!!!!

    These photos are great and so different from anything we are used to. (showing my age!)

    Absolutely lovely.

    From a very happy Grandad of Hugo ( and cousin April). Proud of both my grandchildren.

    Looking forward to seeing Hugo in his first claret and blue Burnley shirt!!!!!

  7. What a beautiful baby! Such huge limpid eyes. Cute, cute, cute. Enjoy every moment, Katy and Andy. You don’t think about it while you’re still on night feeds etc. but they grow up sooo quickly!!
    Lots of love!

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