Rainy day wedding photography

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Don’t worry if it rains …

Rain on your wedding day isn’t what any bride wishes for but something happened this September that changed my outlook forever. I used to dread the weather forecast and worry about where to photograph the family groups and how to get the bride quickly from one location to an other without wetting her dress, but then I met Lauren and Stephen and I knew they were going to have fun whatever the weather. As part of the rustic chic country themed day we had arranged to see Lauren’s beautiful donkey at a field near the wedding venue and we still managed to do this in the rain with a little help from the bride and groom’s driver & lots of brollies! I think the key to weddings where is rains all day is to be flexible, prepare to have pictures at unusual times, choose a venue that works just as good inside as well as outside and find a photographer you trust to make the right decisions. Lauren & Ste really trusted us even to the point of me putting her in a muddy field in her wedding dress! But we knew Lauren would treasure these memories forever so it was well worth it. Here’s a few images from their fantastic day…












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